Virtual FG Jurors – What to Expect

Preparing to Participate in a Virtual Trial or Focus Group What to expect: If you  have been selected to participate in a Zoom video conference with Total Trial Solutions for a Virtual Trial or Focus Group, please follow the guidance […]

Medical Illustration | Post Gun-Shot Neck Surgery

Total Trial Solutions - Gunshot Injury Wound

Case Type: Assault/Other  Area of Injury: Gun Shot Wound Neck Overall Objective: Jacoby & Meyers requested help demonstrating their clients gun shot wound to neck zone 2 up to the level of 2 and 3 on the right side. Attorney […]

Test Demonstratives

Use Focus Groups to Test Visual Aids & Demonstratives about Take the guess work out of trial preparation. Through the facilitation of Focus Groups, our Attorney Moderators present eligible jurors with the Visual Aids & Demonstrative evidence that will be […]

Test Openings

Use Focus Groups to Test Opening Statements Experience & Results An opening statement can be one of the most influential aspects of a case. It is the jury’s first impression of the case. The purpose of an opening statement is […]

Visual Aids and Demonstratives

Visual Aids & Demonstratives Experience & design Seeing is believing — this is especially true when considering the use of Visual Aids in a personal injury case. With over 10 years of experience in creating Aids and Demonstratives, TTS will help […]

Trial Binder Prep

Trial Binder Preparation A step in litigation that is commonly overlooked. Trial Binders can play a major role in organizing and facilitating arguments directly related to your clients records. About Trial Binders Attorneys utilize trial binders to organize their clients […]