Use Focus Groups to Test Opening Statements

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An opening statement can be one of the most influential aspects of a case. It is the jury’s first impression of the case. The purpose of an opening statement is to outline what the jury can generally expect based on the testimony and evidence that will be presented. It is commonly very difficult for attorneys to conceptualize the way in which their opening statement will be perceived by the jury. Take the guesswork out of drafting the opening statement and present it to a group of potential jurors from the desired county.


Focus Groups can help with developing an opening argument based on themes discussed within the group. Focus Groups are the ideal site for discovering “just can’t get over facts”. Ultimately, Focus Groups allow for the analysis of unforgettable facts that can completely alter the trajectory of your opening argument, entirely. Additionally, our attorney moderators can assist in composing the statements and presenting them to the group in a manner most appropriate for the case. 

Total Trial Solutions - Test Opening Statement - Focus Groups
Total Trial Solutions - Opening Statements - Analysis Section - test openings


After the potential jury hears the opening statement, they will be asked a series of questions relating to the facts, believability, and the presenter themselves. As many attorneys choose to personally present their openings to the group, they often value the feedback regarding the quality of their presentation and what they could improve upon. 

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