Defense Expert Research

Expose your adversary’s expert with a Total Trial Solutions Defense Expert Report 


At Total Trial Solutions we understand how imperative it is during a jury trial for the plaintiff’s attorney to discredit the defense’s expert upon cross examination, so our dedicated research team is here to help.

We utilize the foremost research tools available to locate as much background information as possible on your opposing experts. Our final reports will include the expert’s history of testimony detailing which side the expert represented and the results of each case, as well as any medical malpractice claims, enforcement actions, or challenges filed against them.

plan of action

How we do it

History of Testimony

Know what to expect from the expert with content of their testimony history

Background Checks

Find out if there is any information on the expert that might discredit them

Research History of Testimony

We begin by pulling in all cases we can locate featuring testimony or findings of the expert witness, and provide you with an easy-to-read chart outlining the case caption, the case date, the attorneys for each party, the venue, the outcome, and most importantly, which party they testified on behalf of. We can even include case documents and transcripts upon request and when applicable. 

Conduct Thorough Background Checks

 We start by reviewing their curriculum vitae for inconsistencies or fabrications. Then, we search to see if the defense expert advertises their services on any online platforms (Jurors tend to discredit hired guns). Additionally, we perform licensing and status verification along with an online news and social media search.  If there is information, we will find it. 

Included in The final Product...

Have an itemized list of cases featuring the experts testimony with all the available case details. Is the expert a defense hired gun? Use our report to let the jury know.

We’ll try to retrieve case documents and transcripts so you know the basis of the expert’s prior arguments and the weight their testimony had on the outcome of the case.

Our review of their CV indicates how qualified the expert is in comparison with their peers. We look through their education, work experiences, certifications and publications for inconsistencies or fabrications. 

Does your adversary’s expert advertise their services on any mainstream expert directory sites? This can discredit their testimony. Jurors want to hear from experts that are live in the field, not ones that are constantly making money in courtrooms. 

If the defenses expert has any type of licensing, we check state licensing databases to verify if the license is currently active, and whether there have been any enforcement actions, misconduct, or claims associated with that license. 

Total Trial Solutions will search online news and social media platforms for any information that might be damaging to their credibility. This method also allows us to double check the accuracy of the experts curriculum vitae.

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