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Total Trial Solutions offers clients a variety of Video Services including Day in the Life Documentaries, Settlement Videos, and  Television & Digital Advertisements. 

Our expert staff of writers, producers, and videographers work strategically to deliver a quality work product that meets your needs. 

Settlement Videos

Let our storytellers tell your client’s story. Our productions invoke emotion and empathy which can lead to a faster, and larger settlement. Our videos humanize your client’s case and allow you, and your opposition, to connect with their story.

Day in the Life Documentaries

Show how difficult your client’s life is from the moment they wake up, until it’s time to go to bed. Day in the life videos are a way to grab the jury’s attention and move them in ways that documents or expert testimonies alone can’t do.  

Experts in Video Production

Corporate Branding

Values are at the heart and soul of a company. These core beliefs are what drive what you should be doing. At Total Trial Solutions, we work with your firm, we listen, and we develop a strategy that will help grow your brand into an authentic identity based around your values. This strategic framework will set you apart from your competition.

Video Editing For Trials

No more clicking ahead, pausing, rewinding or opening up more than one video. Total Trial Solutions will listen to how you want to present your case, and we’ll edit your videos to play seamlessly inside the courtroom.

Additional Services

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