Medical Illustration | Post Gun-Shot Neck Surgery

Case Type:


Area of Injury:

Gun Shot Wound Neck

Overall Objective:

Jacoby & Meyers requested help demonstrating their clients gun shot wound to neck zone 2 up to the level of 2 and 3 on the right side. Attorney Feldman used the illustrations to showcase his client’s procedure and to negotiate a $200,000 settlement.

Our Work on the Case

Total Trial Solutions - Gunshot Injury Wound

Exhibit 1

Injury illustration showing the trajectory of the bullet as it passed through the chin, mouth, and neck. Illustration also depicts the additional recurring injuries that were sustained by the shooting victim. 

Exhibit 2

Surgical Illustration showing the exploratory surgery conducted shortly after the traumatic event and the damaged hypoglossal nerve as well as the location of the exit wound. Finally, there is a board showing the permanent scarring location of the postoperative wound measuring 13 cm (approximately 5.1 inches) from the ear to the collar bone. 

Total Trial Solutions - Neck Surgery Gun Shot

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