Medical Illustrations

Medical evidence is the most important part of a personal injury case, but what happens when that evidence is made up of complex case facts, medical terminology unknown to most, and complicated anatomy? The message is oftentimes lost in translation. As attorneys attempt to explain the science behind an injury or surgery, jurors lose focus, tune out, or forget what they are told. 

The use of Medical Illustrations is an effective way to demonstrate injuries and surgeries inside the courtroom. Illustrations serve as references that experts and witnesses can use to enhance their testimony and connect with the jury as well. 

TTS Medical Illustrators create simplified visuals that allow jurors to understand complex matters that are important to your case. We offer a wide variety of illustrations and advanced illustrations to meet the needs of our clients. 

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Total Trial Solutions offers the largest collection of medical illustrations in the industry. We have hundreds of previously developed  images that are generic in nature and suited to demonstrate injuries to the head, neck, back, hip, knee, ankle, and much more.

Advanced Illustrations

Advanced illustrations are designed to represent injuries and surgeries that are unique to the injured party and cannot be demonstrated using basic illustrations. 

Specially-trained Medical Illustrators will design and create custom illustrations based on your needs.

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How we do it

  • Medical Illustrators review relevant materials, including DICOM diagnostic films, operative and diagnostic reports, photos of the client/injury, and more.
  • For injury illustrations, X-ray films are converted into digital JPG images using Horos or OsiriX applications. Medical Illustrators use Adobe Photoshop to outline the image and begin the illustration. Once the image is complete, color and further detail are added.
  • For surgical illustrations, X-ray images showing repair/hardware are converted into digital images using Horos or OsiriX applications. They are uploaded into Adobe Photoshop where the illustration is created. Once the illustration is complete, illustrators add the necessary surgical steps, as written in the operative report.
  •  Appropriate labels are placed on boards once they are completed.

For over 15 years...

our medical illustrations Have helped Attorneys:

Give the jury a clear understanding of your client's injuries
Support your argument with evidence that makes sense
Educate the jury in a manner they can comprehend
Leave a powerful impression
Demonstrate clinical details with ease
Strengthen your case with compelling evidence

Our Services Include:

Visual Aids & Demonstratives

Injury Illustrations

Digital Exhibit Printing

Colorization of Films

Conversion of Medical Images to Digital Format

Treatment Timelines

Surgical Illustrations

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