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Seeing is believing — this is especially true when considering the use of Visual Aids in a personal injury case. With over 10 years of experience in creating Aids and Demonstratives, TTS will help ensure the jury can accurately visualize the claimants injuries. Maximizing the outcome of the case directly correlates to the jury understanding the claimants injuries. Particularly, when there is an expert testifying to the validity or cause of injuries. 

What are Visual Aids & Demonstratives ?

Visual Aids and Demonstratives include Forensic Animations, Medical Illustrations, exhibit charts, and presentations. The assistance of Visual Aids and Demonstratives ensure the jury and witnesses will be able to understand and conceptualize exactly what occurred. In addition, witnesses can better demonstrate their testimony, to provide jurors with a better understanding of facts. 

When to Use Visual Aids & Demonstratives ?

Visual Aids and Demonstratives are an effective way to showcase injuries during trial. More specifically, serving as a direct implication that witnesses can use to reference during their testimony. In general, medical charts and references are difficult for individuals, without medical experience, to understand. Aids and Demonstratives eliminate the confusion by presenting the jurors with understandable visualization of the facts.   

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Test Visual Aids & Demonstratives

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