Medical Illustration | Brain and Cervical Spine Injuries

Case Type: Motor Vehicle  Area of Injury: Brain and Cervical Spine Overall Objective: Total Trial Solutions was approached by Attorney Feldman of Jacoby & Meyers for assistance in demonstrating his client’s complex brain and cervical spine injuries sustained in a […]

Medical Illustration | Right Leg Fracture with Surgical Repair

Case Type: Construction  Area of Injury: Right leg Overall Objective: Attorney Rosenkranz of Finkelstein & Partners reached out to our medical illustrator for illustrations that would demonstrate his client’s right leg fracture and the open reduction, internal fixation procedure that […]

What is value?

Total Trial Solutions. We add value to your cases.

What is value? Value is an interesting word. Adding value is our core mission at Total Trial Solutions and we pride ourselves in being able to do it on every case we work on with our clients. However, its a […]

Medical Illustration | Left Achilles Tendon Repair

Case Type: Fall Down Area of Injury: Left Achilles  Overall Objective: The law firm of Fine, Olin & Anderman reached out to Total Trial Solutions for a medical illustration that would assist in demonstrating the left Achilles tendon repair his […]