Medical Records Requests

Medical records are an important part of any personal injury claim, yet requesting, retrieving, and organizing them can be a complicated, time-consuming, costly process. 

Record Retrieval Services you can count on

Subpoena Tracking - Making Calls to Locate Subpoena Records

Let us help

TTS Medical Record Retrieval Services offers a simpler and more cost-effective way to recover and manage your client’s medical records. We offer the industry’s leading record retrieval services to law firms and other professional entities.

Save time & valuable resources

Our Medical Record Specialist will handle your Medical Record Requests so that you and your team can focus on other things. Leave it to our specialists to deliver and monitor medical record requests on behalf of your company or organization. 

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How we do it

Our Medical Record Specialists manage medical and billing records  requests using the latest tracking platforms. We process and manage records from hospitals, urgent care facilities, medical groups, pharmacies, imaging centers, and much more. 

Our intuitive platform automates the entire process beginning with the initial request. Updated requests are tracked and recorded until the records are received.

Our Services Include:

Film Requests

Hospital Requests

Billing Requests

Clearinghouse for HiTech Payments

Subpoena Tracking

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