Medical Illustration | Brain and Cervical Spine Injuries

Case Type: Motor Vehicle  Area of Injury: Brain and Cervical Spine Overall Objective: Total Trial Solutions was approached by Attorney Feldman of Jacoby & Meyers for assistance in demonstrating his client’s complex brain and cervical spine injuries sustained in a […]

Medical Illustration | Right Leg Fracture with Surgical Repair

Case Type: Construction  Area of Injury: Right leg Overall Objective: Attorney Rosenkranz of Finkelstein & Partners reached out to our medical illustrator for illustrations that would demonstrate his client’s right leg fracture and the open reduction, internal fixation procedure that […]

Medical Illustration | Left Achilles Tendon Repair

Case Type: Fall Down Area of Injury: Left Achilles  Overall Objective: The law firm of Fine, Olin & Anderman reached out to Total Trial Solutions for a medical illustration that would assist in demonstrating the left Achilles tendon repair his […]