Direct Trial Support Services

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At Total Trial Solutions, we perform a variety of services to assist your cases leading up to and throughout your trials. Please click on the links below to learn more about each service, or contact us today to get started.



Jury Consulting Services

Whether its vetting jurors prior to voir dire, scouting jurors during voir dire, or direct assistance with selecting jurors, our team is here to help. 

Visual Aids and Demonstratives

Our team can provide you with visuals that can assist in the presentation of the facts of your case to a jury. Whether you require general visuals or custom demonstratives, we are here to help!

Equipment Rental

Let us help you present your case with high-quality equipment rentals including projectors, screens, computers, cables, medical demonstratives, and much more. 

Total Trial Solutions - How do I rent Equipment for a Trial
Total Trial Solutions - Jury Consulting - Jury Vetting - Jury Scouting - Jury Selection

In-Court Support

Need assistance setting-up or managing tech equipment to present your case? Total Trial is here to help!

Courthouse Document Scanning

Make sure your subpoenaed records are in court and properly certified for use during trial.

Total Trial Solutions - Courthouse Document Scanning - Medical Record review - Direct Trial Support
Total Trial Solutions - Trial Binder Preparation

Trial Binder Prep

Total Trial Solutions will prepare binders for trial with all relevant medical records and documents that are bates numbered for easy identification, sharing, and review. 

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