Medical Illustration | Multiple Back Injuries (including pre-existing)

Case Type:

Motor Vehicle

Area of Injury:

Bilateral Disc Bulges of the T-Spine and Cervical Disc Herniations

Overall Objective:

Attorney Michael Feldman from Fine, Olin, & Anderman requested assistance exhibiting his clients disc bugles, herniated discs, and cervical disc herniations. Attorney Feldman used the illustrations to show his client’s previous back injuries were aggravated to negotiate a $730,000 settlement. 

Our Work on the Case

Medical Illustration DIsc Bulges

Exhibit 1

Blended board showing two separate MRI’s and injury areas including cervical disc herniations with canal stenosis, bilateral disc bulges from T3 – T8 spine, and a herniated disc with spinal canal stenosis and cord impingement as well as paresis, scarring and malalignment from a prior injury. Also depicted is a exemplar of a normal intervertebral disc. 

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