Use Focus Groups to Test Visual Aids & Demonstratives


Take the guess work out of trial preparation. Through the facilitation of Focus Groups, our Attorney Moderators present eligible jurors with the Visual Aids & Demonstrative evidence that will be shown during trial. To evaluate their feedback and ensure the facts presented are identical to what would be shown in trial. Our moderators can present medical illustrations, forensic animations and medical timelines. 

Testing Demonstrative Evidence allows for attorneys to understand an extra dimension of testimony. Moreover, when a jury has a strong understanding of what is being discussed attorneys are able to establish a clear and concise understanding of demonstrative evidence, real evidence, and testimony, directly related to themes and how the jury will perceive the information presented. Strong and understandable imagery will very likely have a lasting imprint on the jury.

Significance of demonstrative evidence

increasing the value of your case

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Visual Aids and Demonstrative evidence play a crucial role in showcasing injuries that are difficult for anyone without a specific knowledge to understand. Through the use of Visual Aids and Demonstratives, attorneys can guarantee the jury will be able to visualize specific details throughout witness testimonies. 

Focus Groups & Case Analysis

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