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Using knowledge and insight to bring out the best in your firm

Know how to market your firm?

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At Total Trial Solutions, we combine years of expertise, insight, and results in the legal arena to provide you with up-to-the minute, image altering marketing campaigns designed to target the audience you need it to. 

We know what to do, and most importantly, how to do it. We combine our knowledge and expertise with your firm’s identity and goals to provide you with the most tailored guidance along the way. 

We Use Effective Methods to Increase your image and Profits

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When should I reach out to TTS for Marketing?

You should consult with TTS for your next legal marketing campaign when you have goals and objectives for your company, but do not have the means or the expertise to market those ideas in a digital society. We can help you put those ideas into action with a combination of our in-depth knowledge of the legal arena and our sound strategies to target potential consumers.

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Our Services Include

Television Advertisements

Our television advertisements allow you to convey the messages and missions of your company aimed at the necessary market to increase your business profits, image, and overall presence.

Digital Advertisements

Similar to our TV advertisement strategies, our digital ads aim to get your message across to the proper consumers. Not only do we know who those are, but we know how to get their attention in a cost-effective way in this digitally driven world.

Website Build

In addition to advertisements, consumers need to access your website for content that will sell them on your services, and also educate them on the inner workings of your business model. At TTS we know how to design and build a website aimed at your market.

Search Engine Optimization

Now that your website is up and running, you will be seeing an increase in traffic with our knowledge of search engine optimization or SEO. Our knowledgeable staff will incorporate strategic wording into the coding of your website designed to increase the visibility of your company through website engine searches.

Social Media Campaign Management

At TTS, we know social media, so when we combine that expertise with our insight of the legal field, we can impact the way social media users perceive your company. Plus, we synchronize the efforts of each campaign with strategy across all major social media platforms.

Marketing Analytics & Intake Consulting

Our marketing schemes our backed by analytic data, so we can see what is yielding consumers and what isn't, making our strategies cost-effective. With all the additional foot traffic coming through your doors, we can consult you on intake strategies proven to turn prospective consumers into clients.
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