Trial Binder Preparation

Total Trial Solutions - Trial Binder Preparation

A step in litigation that is commonly overlooked.
Trial Binders can play a major role in organizing
and facilitating arguments directly related to
your clients records.

Trial Binders

Attorneys utilize trial binders to organize their clients records in chronological order, or in a format that suits their presentation strategy. 

Total Trial Solutions - Organizing Papers - Trial Binder Page

At Total Trial Solutions, we will ensure all trial binders are prepared for trial based on your request. If records location is done in-house with TTS, all subpoenaed records, affidavits of service, accident reports, relevant medical records, and documents will be bates numbered for easy identification, sharing, and review.

Total Trial Solutions - Trial Binder Prep- Find, Review, and Annotate

We Will:

  1. Locate, Review, and Manage Records
  2. Annotate, Bates Number, and Organize Records
  3.  Hand-Deliver or Ship Prepared Binders
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