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At Total Trial Solutions, we understand the importance of obtaining clear, skilled, and detail-oriented photos that display the accuracy of the events that occurred.

A TTS photographer will produce detailed images to be used as evidence throughout the litigation process.

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Our photographers will utilize:

Photography Services - Scar & Injury Photography - Forensic Photography - Accident Scene Photography


Our well established photographers will tap into their experience to judge what is needed on a case-by-case basis.


Our photographers will utilize high quality cameras, lenses, lighting, filters, and accessories.


Our photographers will use their knowledge of exposure, depth, and technique to ensure a clear and focused product that properly showcase your clients injures.

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We will photograph your clients scars and injuries to be used as evidence

About Forensic Photography

True & Accurate Depiction

Forensic Photography is an important part of any case and it has the potential to help bring forward details that are very easy to miss. This is a unique way to combine art and science in order to preserve evidence. With the help of Forensic Photography, attorneys and their investigators can ensure even the smallest of details are put to good use in the case. With the use of scales and measurements, photographer can capture the way in which scars change over time. 

A picture is worth a thousand words. That’s especially true in the world of Forensic Photography as well. Knowing the importance of scales in the production of forensic photographs is essential to understanding how they can benefit a case. 

With help from illustrations and photos it will be a lot easier to showcase the damages of a case. Photographers and artists will have all the tools they need in order to complete the case and ensure that everything is handled at the right level. The most important aspect when it comes to Forensic Photography is the need to be very detailed and accurate. Most frequently, the photographs capture the same image from multiple angles to ensure that no detail is missed.

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