Medical Narratives &
Treatment Chronologies

What is a medical narrative?

Medical Narratives offer detailed information about your client’s medical care in a chronological format that is easy to read. Medical Narratives offer summaries of office visits, testing, treatments, injections, surgeries, physical therapy, prior injuries and medical treatment, and much more.  

Medical Narratives organize bates-stamped medical records in chronological order, reducing the time you spend reviewing records. In addition, our digital copies can be reviewed on-the-go with hyperlinks that take you directly to the medical record the information was taken from. 

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When to Use
Medical Narratives


Conduct more efficient depositions with lines of questioning that directly reflect your client’s treatment summaries. A deposition is the time when all the facts and sequence of events are obtained, so what better than to have a concise summary of the events in chronological order. 


Present the mediator, defense, and even the insurance carrier with a TTS Medical Narrative. Our to-the-point work product gives you the information and summaries you need so that you can go into negotiations for your client with confidence. 

Expert Testimony

Know exactly how to strategize questioning of your expert by focusing only on the key takeaways of their role in assessing your clients injuries. In addition, your expert can use the sequence of events from the narrative to indicate the cause of your client’s injuries.


Our medical narratives provide you with an easy-to-navigate story on what happened to your client after their injury causing event. Use it as an outline to present your case by referencing what matters and highlighting the cause of your client’s injuries.

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At Total Trial Solutions, we breakdown our medical narratives service by case type to ensure its’ focus is what matters to you and your client. Contact us today to get started.



Motor Vehicle Case Review & Summary

A medical narrative designed to address a motor vehicle accident can show a chronological summary of your client’s treatments before and after the accident to rule out aggravations of pre-existing injuries and more. 

Total Trial Solutions - Medical Narratives - Motor Vehicle Accident
Total Trial Solutions - Medical Narrative - Nursing Home Case Review - Nursing Home Case Summary

Nursing Home Case Review & Summary

Medical Narratives are instrumental in nursing home cases as they can illustrate the chronological order of wrongful practices and neglectful treatment provided to your client. 

Medical Malpractice Case Review & Summary

Similar to nursing home cases, a medical narrative from TTS can provide evidence of medical malpractice claims by highlighting the sequence of wrongful treatment practices leading up to your client’s injury. 

Total Trial Solutions - Medical Narrative - Medical Malpractice - Treatment Timeline

For over 10 years...

our Medical Narratives Have helped Attorneys:

We combine the medical narratives with the expertise of our medical records specialists and legal nurse consultants to review your case for merit, as well as identify its' stengths and weaknesses
Because our narratives include treatment summaries in chronological order, you can have a concise view of your client's story. Use it to strategize the arguments of your cases.
Sometimes client's forget to mention their prior and subsequent accidents and injuries. Our summaries can help you uncover this potentially damaging information so you can address it in your case.
If you are missing medical records and potential evidence to your case our narratives can help by keying in on dates, doctors, and facilities to help you track down these records. Our subpoena tracking service is also here to help.
Our easy-to-read final work products can highlight the string of wrongful medical practices or series of neglect that can affirm your client's claims and injuries.
With a concise summary of complex treatments such has operations or testing, you will be equipped to explain these course of treatments to a jury.

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