Medical Legal Services

When Medical Meets Legal, We Can Help


At Total Trial Solutions, our staff is highly trained in several areas surrounding litigation, but one aspect that separates us from our competitors is the insight and expertise into the medical field, and more importantly, into the questions of medicine that impact your cases. 



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Expert Witness Vetting & Matching

Our dedicated research staff can provide you with expert options that have proven knowledge on the issues that matter in your case. We interview and background check each expert, and we can coordinate the initial consultation. 

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LNC - Legal Nurse Consultant - Nursing Home - Medical Malpractice

Legal Nurse Consultant Reviews

We use Legal Nurse Consultants to review the details of your case. We review your cases for merit, identify its strengths and weaknesses, and provide medical opinions regarding treatment, standards of care, and much more. 

Our Medical Legal Services extends to:

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