Jury Consulting Services

What We Do

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Jury Vetting

Research done in real time or ahead of time to help understand the profiles of jurors. Often times, this service occurs off-site and is conducted by our non-attorney research specialists. 


Jury Scouting

In courthouse observation of jurors for verbal and non-verbal cues to assist an attorney with selecting a jury – Most of the time our on staff attorneys provide this service, but our trained non-attorneys can assist as well. 

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Jury Selection

True consultation with our on-staff attorneys. We will assist with the entire jury selection process including active participation with formulating questions, answers, and the strategic oversight of jury selection.

Why We Do It

Selecting the right jury is a vital aspect to the successful outcome of any trial. Our jury selection services provide both direct and indirect assistance in the selection of the panel from beginning to end. Our variety of services arms you with the knowledge needed to select the panel that is right for your case.

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