Plaintiff Expert Witness Searches

We provide attorneys and law firms with reputable damage and liability expert options tailored to the needs of their cases. While there are many services to help locate an expert with a resume that looks good, our dedicated research specialists know who to choose and more importantly, why.


Our experienced research staff will review the details of your case including the venue, case type, and elements of the case to perform a custom search for expert witness options. Whether to prove liability or damages, our researchers will find an expert that has a proven record in consulting on the issues of your pending matters.

They accomplish this through the use of our proprietary plaintiff expert database, third-party information sources, and speaking to the proposed experts. Checking not only that they are what you are looking for but also that they are available when you need them.

Finally, we don’t interject ourselves in your relationship with an expert. Our job is to provide qualified and available options, and let you take it from there. We work on a flat fee basis that doesn’t depend on who you choose or what you pay them. That ensures that our advice is unbiased, with only what is best for you and your case in mind. 

plan of action

How we do it

Initial Case Review and Consultation

Our full-time researchers review your case and consult with you to provide you with the most tailored approach

Research and Interview Qualified Experts

We sort through our internal database and industry leading platforms to locate and interview candidate options that will work for you – while doing so, we review the expert’s background and testimony history so there are no surprises at trial.

Review Expert Options, Choose, and Retain

Total Trial connects you and your legal team with the expert options and can even schedule a call or meeting between you and the expert, so that you can ask any questions you might have. Ultimately, you choose the expert that is right for your case.


Case Details & Subject Matter

Our research staff will discuss the case with you to find out the details, as well as what issues the expert will need to address and why. Providing us with the core details and subject of your pending matter allows us to run a custom search via online resources as well as our proprietary database for potential expert candidates who have had proven success with issues directly related, or at least similar to those in your case. Once we have located expert options, we use the information you provide us to make sure they have the availability and capability to address the issues you need them to. 


Background Checks

Before TTS provides you with located expert options, we conduct background checks, so you are not caught off guard upon cross-examination. If the expert has any type of licensing, we check state licensing sites to see if the license is currently active, and if they’ve had any disciplinary actions or problems. TTS will also search the experts’ social media and news presence and review their CV for inconsistencies. In addition, we provide you with a report of case captions that they have been involved in, as well as the type of case, whether on behalf of the plaintiff or defense, the attorneys of both parties, and the final result. 


Interview, Consult, and Retain

TTS will interview each expert candidate to introduce them to the issues of the case, and to inform them of the attorney’s expectations. Before doing so, we perform a conflict check with each expert to make sure they are not conflicted with any person, party, or institution in the matter. It is during this process that we find out if the expert is available to provide the expertise the attorney is seeking. Our narrowly tailored approach saves you time by focusing only on experts who are available and able to do the job. Finally, TTS will obtain the experts fee schedule and schedule you for a one-on-one consultation with them. Ultimately, you choose the expert you wish to retain. 

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