Medical Illustration | Right Leg Fracture with Surgical Repair

Case Type:


Area of Injury:

Right leg

Overall Objective:

Attorney Rosenkranz of Finkelstein & Partners reached out to our medical illustrator for illustrations that would demonstrate his client’s right leg fracture and the open reduction, internal fixation procedure that followed. 

Our Work on the Case

Exhibit 1

Injury illustration from an x-ray image showing a markedly comminuted fracture involving the proximal tibia with a large displaced fragment.

Exhibit 2

Surgical illustration demonstrating irrigation and debridement in addition to closed reduction and application of a spanning external fixator.

Exhibit 3

Surgical illustration of the second surgery this claimant underwent, which includes hardware removal, external fixator, and reapplication of external fixator plus percutaneous pinning of tibia fracture, and open reduction internal fixation.

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