Medical Illustration | Cervical Injury, Surgical Repair, & Steroid Injections

Case Type:

Auto Collision 

Area of Injury:

Neck, Cervical Spine 

Overall Objective:

The law firm, Finkelstein & Partners, LLP, requested help demonstrating their client’s cervical injuries, as well as the surgical repair and epidural steroid injection treatments that followed. Their client sustained a severe cervical spine injury when they were rear-ended while stopped in traffic, and they ultimately underwent a cervical fusion at the C5-6 and C6-7 levels. 

Our Work on the Case

Exhibit 1

Injury illustration depicting the claimant’s cervical injuries at the C5-6 and C6-7 levels. Each injury demonstrative is accompanied by its’ respective MRI film. 

Exhibit 2

Surgical illustration showing the axial and sagittal views of part 1 of plaintiff’s cervical fusion procedure, which includes a discectomy performed at the C6-7 level. 

Exhibit 3

Surgical illustration showing axial and sagittal views of the client’s second part of the cervical fusion procedure to depict the insertion of the cervical plate and four screws. In addition, the illustration shows a demonstrative of the postoperative surgical view accompanied by the client’s postoperative X-ray image.

Exhibit 4

Illustration depicting the series of epidural steroid injections received by the plaintiff for his cervical injuries. The epidural steroid injections were administered into the C7-T1 epidural space to reduce pain.

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