Total Trial Solutions. We add value to your cases.

What is value?

Value is an interesting word. Adding value is our core mission at Total Trial Solutions and we pride ourselves in being able to do it on every case we work on with our clients. However, its a common misconception that value is quantified in terms of money –  we simply don’t believe that to be the case. In fact, our professional staff prides itself in offering services that help our clients truly understand the intricacies of their cases so they can make informed decisions – that’s real value.

Here are the top ten ways we believe we help add value to your clients case:

  1. Show the extent of injuries through artistic mediums such as illustration and animation 
  2. Understand the way the community views their client’s cases through focus groups
  3. Understand their client, and their clients experiences through human damage stories and biographies
  4. Locate, review, vet, interview, and connect with expert witnesses 
  5. Provide the opportunity to use actual footage and video in a meaningful way during mediation and trial
  6. Have an independent observer who can testify as a witness to a medical examination
  7. Quickly and accurately retrieve medical records
  8. Conduct early case reviews to help determine if nursing home and medical malpractice cases have merit
  9. See data in clearly and thoughtfully laid out tables based on their input
  10. Review, sort, tag, and export eDiscovery documents using our eDiscovery document management tool
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