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Injury Illustrations are visual demonstratives effective at educating a jury on complex injuries your client has suffered. Our expert Medical Illustrators create illustrations that are easy to understand and leave a lasting impression with members of the jury. 

When should You Use Injury Illustrations?

Let’s face it, some injuries are just more difficult to explain than others. Injury Illustrations connect you with the jury unlike any other piece of demonstrative evidence. 

Injury Illustrations take unseen injuries and put them on display in the courtroom. Jurors see actual injuries, and are therefore more likely to believe the evidence presented to them. 

How long do they take?

The amount of time it takes to create customized Injury Illustrations depends largely on the injury itself. We make every effort to produce Injury Illustrations in 3 weeks, although expedited service may be available upon request. 

plan of action

How we do it

Medical Illustrators review relevant materials, including DICOM diagnostic films, operative and diagnostic reports, and photos of the client/injury in order to familiarize themselves with the case and injuries.

Expert Illustrators then convert DICOM films (X-rays/MRIs/CTs) into digital images using Horos or OsiriX applications.  Once images are converted, Illustrators use Adobe Software to outline the injuries/surgical hardware and apply colorization and/or enhancements.

“I firmly believe in the old saying, ‘a picture is worth 1,000 words.’ I rely on injury illustrations inside the courtroom to explain complicated medical conditions and physical injuries to a jury."

Attorney Chris Camastro
Finkelstein & Parnters

our Injury illustrations have helped Attorneys:

Give the jury a clear understanding of the severity of your client's injuries
Demonstrate clinical details with ease
Strengthen your argument with evidence that makes sense
Leave a lasting impact with jurors
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