What are Treatment Timelines?

 Treatment Timelines offer a chronological summary of medical treatment over the course of weeks, months, even years. Timelines outline significant medical information such as date of service, treatment or service rendered, and important information noted in the medical records.


Benefits of using Treatment Timelines

Treatment Timelines offer injury attorneys a simple, yet effective way to showcase a client’s medical treatment. Highlight office visits, PT/OT appointments, surgical procedures, chiropractic treatment, pain management, behavioral health services, and more. 

Attorneys use Treatment Timelines as a reference during depositions, mediation, and at trial.

The use of Treatment Timelines benefits attorneys, but also juries.  Juries tend to interpret information better when it’s delivered in a visual manner. 

How long does it take?

The time it takes to create a Treatment Timeline can vary from case to case. Injuries, along with the quantity of records will largely determine the amount it takes to create the work product. 

How it works

Medical Timelines are customized to meet your case-specific needs, so that you can present the facts you need to support your claims with ease.  TTS will organize the details of your client’s medical records into a Treatment Timeline that illustrates your client’s medical treatment. 

our Treatment Timelines Have helped Attorneys:

Organize and strengthen your argument
Support claims of pain and suffering
Educate the jury on your client's medical treatment with ease
Present your client's prescription medication history as it relates to injury/claim
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