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Expert Medical Illustrators create customized Surgical Illustrations that will help you connect with your audience. 

Our superior Surgical Illustrations aim to educate your audience in a manner that captures and retains their attention. 


Visual Exhibits that leave an impression

When should You Use Surgical Illustrations?

The use of Surgical Illustrations allows for a clear understanding of your client’s injuries and surgical procedure(s). 

Expert witness testimony, accompanied by Surgical Illustrations, leaves a lasting impression on the jury.


How long do they take?

The time it takes to complete Surgical Illustrations depends largely on the complexity of the injury and subsequent surgery/surgeries. We work hard to deliver a top-quality product to our clients in a timely fashion. Our typical turn-around time is 3 weeks, although expedited services may be available upon request. 

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How we do it

Medical Illustrators are trained to review medical records, X-rays, MRIs, and operative reports to gain knowledge on a plaintiff’s injury. Using the most up to date software, Illustrators will customize a Surgical Illustration that accurately reflects a surgical procedure undergone by your client.  Once the illustration is complete, illustrators add the necessary surgical steps, as written in the operative report.

“I don’t step inside a courtroom without Surgical Illustrations to support my claims. I use them to educate the jury during expert witness testimony. I highly recommend the Medical Illustrators at TTS because of their knowledge and expertise.”

 Brian Acard – Finkelstein & Partners

Our surgical Illustrations help attorneys:

Leave a powerful impression
Strengthen your case with compelling evidence
Educate the jury in a manner they can comprehend
Support your argument with evidence that makes sense
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