Medical Illustration | Left Knee Arthroscopic Surgery

Total Trial Solutions - Left Knee Arthroscopic Surgery

Case Type: Pedestrian Knockdown Area of Injury: Left Knee Overall Objective: Attorney Antonio Grillo from Jacoby & Meyers in New Jersey requested assistance showing damages to his clients knee and the following arthroscopic repair that was completed. Attorney Grillo used […]

How Long Does It Take?

We typically have a one week work-up to prep for a case and a one-week analysis and reporting period. You can expect to receive an email recap of the Focus Group within 24 hours and a Quick Takeaway email from […]

Can I Watch the Focus Group?

Yes! You can watch the Focus Group live via a High Definition 360-degree video stream. Total Trial Solutions records and live streams 100% of our focus groups and we host the video on a server and provide a link to […]

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of a Focus Group depends on how long the Attorney Moderator spends in front of the jury, which is driven by the complexity of the case and the goal of the focus group itself. A typical focus group […]

What is a Focus Group?

Focus Groups allow a trial lawyer to take the guesswork out of their cases by giving them insight into a jury’s thoughts and beliefs about the case before it is ever tried.

Focus Group

Focus groups & Case analysis Our insights and analysis have helped lawyers gain understanding and insight in their cases for years. 0 + Cases 0 Jury on Cases 0 Law Firms Us Learn More about Focus Groups Focus Groups allow […]