How Much Does It Cost?

The cost of a Focus Group depends on how long the Attorney Moderator spends in front of the jury, which is driven by the complexity of the case and the goal of the focus group itself. Some focus groups have our attorneys spend only 20 or 30 minutes in front of a jury because there is a narrow issue being tested; whereas others can be 5-6 hours on one case when testing liability, damages, witnesses, evidence, and a whole slew of other things to give you deep insight into what jurors think and how they decided the facts and merits of your case.

For those deep dive focus groups, we cap billing at 4 hours for 1 case per day, and we stay until the job is done. The total costs of a full day (4+ hour) focus group is $14,000.  If a focus group goes less than 4 hours, it is billed on a pro rata at $3,500/per hour, and billed down to the minute. 

This is a full service rate that incorporates everything needed to do this thoroughly and correctly, including 15-18 hours of attorney moderator consultation & pre-focus group prep time, administrative support to find and recruit jurors, juror payments, and the full forensic analysis & report by the moderator provided about 3-5 days after the group along with a link to your group so you can watch and re-watch at your convenience.