$2M Settlement | Pedestrian Knock-down | New York

This case involves an inattentive driver who struck a pedestrian in a shopping mall parking lot, resulting in the death of an 81-year-old man. The woman claimed she lost control of the vehicle, which caused her to strike and then drag the man underneath her car. The man was declared dead at the scene. 

Defense counsel didn’t think the case was worth much due to the man’s age, but Attorney Sharon Scanlan thought otherwise. She believed that the man’s family was entitled to every dollar and therefore created a strategy to build up the case. 

Our Mission

Attorney Scanlan hired Total Trial Solutions to create a Biography on her deceased client so that his life, relationships, routines, interests, and activities could be captured, along with a Settlement Presentation consisting of filmed interviews of the man’s children and grandchildren, along with photos, and home videos. Additionally, TTS conducted Verdict Searches and other Government Database searches to ensure Attorney Scanlan had all the information she needed to represent her client. 

Incident Location

Hear From the Trial Lawyer

"As a trial attorney, Total Trial Solutions worked with me on a significant wrongful death case. TTS worked to create extensive video biographies/interviews of the family members who were impacted so significantly by the loss of their parent. There were countless hours put into this project. TTS also created a video presentation for mediation that I believe contributed to the increased value of the case. TTS staff are very competent and professional in their work."
Sharon Scanlan
Trial Attorney

Our Work

Total Trial Solutions worked with Attorney Sharon Scanlan over the course of two years on this case. Here is a quick summary of the work we did to assist her. 

Client Biography

Attorney Scanlan wanted to know everything about the deceased man’s life, therefore she hired professional Biographer Sarah Lunham to create a Client Biography. Sarah interviewed the deceased man’s three adult children over the course of several hours and gathered information about his background, lifestyle, activities, routines, relationships, medical history, interests, and hopes for the future. The Client Biography revealed significant information about the man’s life that would have otherwise been unknown. 

Attorney Scanlan used the Biography to help her develop a case strategy and move forward with negotiations. Based on facts from the Biography, Ms. Scanlan decided to invest in a Settlement Presentation in order to send a message to defense counsel. 

Settlement Presentation

Biographers collaborated with Videographers in order to create a powerful Settlement Presentation, aimed to show the value of support and services the individual provided to his family, as well as the extent of parental nurturing, care, and guidance to surviving children. 

The Presentation featured interviews of the man’s children and grandchildren. Stories are shared that reflect the special relationship the man had with each family member, and the endless amount of care and guidance he provided to them. 

The purpose of the Settlement Presentation was to send a message to defense counsel that this man could not be replicated or replaced. 

Investigations & Government Database Searches

TTS assisted Attorney Scanlan with Investigations and Government Database Searches necessary to litigate the case. TTS Investigators spent hours conducting DMV Searches, Verdict Searches, and ISO Claimsearches. Social Media Investigations were conducted as a precaution to ensure no information regarding the incident was visible online.  

Technical Support

TTS Tech Support Specialists assisted Attorney Scanlan with her digital presentation on the day of mediation so that she could focus on more important things. Our team met with Ms. Scanlan weeks prior to mediation and developed a strategy. The team arrived  promptly on the day of mediation and setup all laptops, projectors, and audio equipment necessary for the presentation.

Lien Resolution

Lien Resolution Specialist tracked and monitored all outstanding Medicare liens so that they could be paid upon a settlement agreement. The team worked hard to ensure all Medicare and private health insurance liens were resolved in a timely fashion, so that funds could be released the clients.

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