Medical Illustration | Left trimalleolar ankle fracture and right tibia/fibula fracture

Case Type:

Fall down

Area of Injury:

Left ankle and right leg

Overall Objective:

Attorney Andrew Genna from Finkelstein & Partners needed help illustrating the steps involved for completing the open reduction internal fixation of the left trimalleolar ankle fracture, and irrigation and debridement, plus reamed intramedullary nailing of the right tibia to repair his client’s injuries.


Our Work on the Case

Exhibit 1

Surgical illustration showing the right leg fracture and left ankle fracture with X-Ray overlays.

Exhibit 2

Surgical illustration showing the irrigation and debridement of the right tibia/fibula fracture.

Exhibit 3

Surgical illustration showing a contoured being placed with 3 screws to the posterior maleolar fracture on the tibia and another plate, contoured and placed with 6 screws over the distal fibular fracture on the fibula.

Exhibit 4

Surgical illustration showing cortical lag screws placed anterior to posterior and engaging posterior malleolus fragment. And 2 more cortical lag screws placed from distal to proximal via percutaneous stab wounds.

Exhibit 5

Surgical illustration of tibial intramedullary canal reamed with an 8mm tibial nail passed through that canal. 

Exhibit 6

Surgical illustration with X-Ray overlays showing the final hardware placement after successful surgeries.

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