Scar & Injury

At Total Trial Solutions,

We understand that empathy is a vital quality in all instances where scar and injury photography is required. Providing a professional service is of the utmost importance to us, therefore it is our top priority to ensure that your client feels comfortable throughout the entire process.

Back Scar - Scar & Injury Photography
Knee Replacement Scar - Scar & Injury Photography

Scar & Injury Photography plays an essential role in building your clients case as it provides a visualization of your client’s experiences. Ensure your client is given the attention they deserve by choosing a company that always puts your client first. 

"After Injury, a Scar is what
makes you whole."

– China Miéville

we're good at what we do

How We Can assist your case

Scars and injuries can cause cosmetic embarrassment, loss of mobility, lack of nerve sensitivity, and psychological and emotional distress. In your litigation case, every detail matters. Scar & Injury Photography can, many times, become the deciding factor in a case by showcasing details regarding your clients health status and show the reparations they deserve.

The images can help immensely when it comes to increasing damages, while helping the client and the case obtain the best financial settlement. A TTS photographer will utilize a high grade camera to capture every detail, lighting and backdrop that is most appropriate for each individual case, and videos can also be produced to showcase 360 degree view of the scar or injury. 

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