Day in the Life Documentaries

Day In The Life Documentaries are the most effective way to showcase the damages in your case.

Whether your client has an orthopedic injury, brain injury, paralysis, or amputation, our highly trained Videographers will gather the footage you need to capture the challenges and hardships your client faces.

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When should You Use a Day in the Life Documentary?

Attorneys use Day in the Life Documentaries during mediation, arbitration, and inside the courtroom. Documentaries allow accident victims to show opposing counsel, mediators, and/or jurors how their lives are impacted by personal injuries. The goal is to show evidence that will demonstrate your client’s physical state, as well as any assistance they may require.

How long do they take?

Day in the Life Documentaries can be uniquely tailored to meet your presentation needs. Total Trial Solutions has been producing Day in the Life Documentaries for more than 15 years and can create a custom documentary that captivates a variety of audiences.

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How we do it

Award-winning Videographers specialize in delivering Day in the Life Videos that capture the essence of your client’s claims.  Using audio, video, and other visual strategies, Total Trial Solutions’ Videographers offer a unique and powerful presentation that is proven effective in maximizing the value of your case.

our Day in the Life documentaries have helped Attorneys:

Show your auidence how your client's daily routines have been impacted by injuries
Display your client's pain and suffering
Present the type of care and assistance your client requires
Put your audience inside your client's shoes
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