$2.25M Settlement | Medical Malpractice | New York

This case involves a gynecologist who didn’t know her limits, thereby leading to a birthing mother suffering a 3rd-degree perineal tear during birth, followed by a failure of the doctor to properly diagnose and treat the tear, or to refer […]

$1.1M Verdict | Brain Injury | New York

Case Study This case involves the failure of a school administrator and softball coach to properly equip and supervise a middle school softball practice. In May 2013, the  plaintiff, a fifteen year old girl, was participating in softball practice indoors […]

$860K Settlement | Motor Vehicle | New York

$860K Settlement | Motor Vehicle | New York This case involves a tractor-trailer driver who cared about the wrong things when he chose to back his 48-foot tractor-trailer across traffic and into a motel parking lot where he lived, blocking […]

$1.75M Settlement | Pedestrian Knock-Down | New York

$1.75M Settlement | Pedestrian Knock-down | New York This is a distracted driving case involving a bus driver who made a sharp left turn at an intersection and struck a 74-year-old pedestrian as he was walking in a crosswalk, resulting […]