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We provide you an estimate of the value of your case by using industry-leading research platforms for nationwide verdict and settlement results. We present you with reasonable expectations of your cases with unbiased knowledge.



Accurately Evaluate the value of your cases

When should a request for a verdict Search be made?

A request for a Verdict Search is made when an attorney wants to know what awards have been given to plaintiffs with similar injuries. Verdict searches are custom made according to the file in which the request is made, and should be done prior to any negotiation conferences such as mediations or arbitrations.  

What will a Verdict Search Report from TTS look like?

Once Total Trial Solutions receives a request for a verdict search, it is sent to one of our dedicated research specialists to complete. You will receive a PDF copy of the report packet featuring a list of cases with award amounts, verdict types, case venues, and dates that are hyperlinked directly to full details of the case. These reports are completed in 3-5 business days. Need a verdict search report prepared last minute? We provide rush orders in 1 business day. 

plan of action

How we do it

Our experienced research staff will review the details of your cases including the venue, case type, and injury claims to perform a custom search for awards in cases similar to your pending matters.


Case Venue

First, we obtain the venue in which the case is pending. The venue makes a big difference as to the range of awards given. For instance, you’re probably not going to get a similar award in small rural venue that you might get in Manhattan or Los Angeles, even if the injuries and circumstances are the same. 


Plaintiff's injuries

Next, we look for the injuries claimed in the matter. This can easily be done by providing us with a copy of the Bill of Particulars. Sometimes, attorney’s want the whole picture captured, and other times, they want to focus on a particular injury, or a combination of certain injuries. Our searches can be as specific or as general as you’d like. 


Additional Search Criteria

In addition to the case venue and claimed injuries, TTS can tailor the scope of the search to the needs of your case. For example, is the client particularly young or old? We can locate awards that accurately depict past and future damages. Does your adversary plan to retain an expert? We can search for similar cases featuring expert findings of that particular specialty. We can also narrow the search to locate certain award and date ranges, case types, plaintiff’s gender, attorney or judge’s names, and/or insurance carriers.  

“Don't go into negotiations empty-handed. Confidently Enter negotiations with the objective proof of what your case is worth.”

Matthew Medina, Client Advocate 

For over 15 years...

our Verdict Search Reports Have helped Attorneys:

Take the guessing out of your case by locating cases similar to yours. Find out where your case stands in comparison with similar matters and why.
Provide your client with an accurate assessment of their case, so they know what to expect, and so they are not surprised by the final result.
Do not go into negotiations empty-handed. Take a copy of our verdict search report with you to provide evidence of your demands or offers.
Our verdict searches provide you with cases that have already been resolved. Find out which strategies worked, and more importantly, which didn't.
A verdict search report featuring a particular injury, circumstance, or case type can help your legal team locate and retain the right expert, every time.
Find out if your case has merit to withstand trial by the success rate of similar cases that came before it, or whether your better off settling before trial.
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