Settlement Videos

Settlement Videos aim to build a strong case using interviews, photos, videos, and other visual strategies. Our dynamic and unique approach produces an impactful presentation intended to maximize the value of your case. Our Settlement Videos are proven to get client’s the compensation and justice they deserve without going to trial. We aim to keep clients out of courtrooms and in their homes and communities.

Settlement Videos That Engage Impact Influence Inspire

When should You Use a Settlement Video?

Settlement Videos are proven to be effective tools during mediation. The purpose of Settlement Videos is to show opposing counsel the authenticity of your client, and the evidence they are up against should they not agree to settle the case.  

How long do they take?

Settlement Videos are tailored to meet the needs of our clients. The time it takes to prepare a Settlement Video depends largely on the content included. Biographers and Videographers will work with you to create a quality product that meets your timeline. 

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How we do it

Biographers and Videographers work together to deliver Settlement Videos that get you the results your clients deserve. We work one-on-one with attorneys in order to customize a strategy for each individual case. Settlement Videos are designed to integrate before and after videos and photos, lay witness interviews, accident reconstruction, medical records, timelines, and much more.

"I have used TTS for creation of Settlement videos for the past few years and I find them highly effective. First, when insurance adjusters are present with their attorneys, they immediately see that our firm has come prepared for battle. Additionally, the settlement videos allow more emotion than what a Court will often allow to be shown to a jury. For example, photos of the Plaintiff with his family before his accident, or clips of his last birthday party before he was killed at a construction site. These can be so compelling and valuable at Mediations. Another great advantage of a Mediation video with TTS is that they can incorporate medical records, x-rays, mRIs, site photos and injury photos, all with highlights of what you want. They will then be with you every step of the way including the day of Mediation. They bring all their own equipment and will even rehearse the timing with you for your presentation. I highly recommend TTS for Mediation Settlement videos."

Sharon Scanlan, Jacoby & Meyers LLP

our settlement videos have helped Attorneys:

Showcase your client's dynamic life prior to injury
Show your client's authenticity
Present injury and/or surgical animations
Feature accident reconstruction reports and/or animations
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