Medical Illustration | Left Knee, Total Knee Replacement

Case Type:

Slip & Fall

Area of Injury:

Left Knee with Total Knee Replacement 

Overall Objective:

Attorney Ken Oliver from Finkelstein & Partners was looking to illustrate damage to his client’s left knee as a result of a slip and fall on ice. Injuries included a patellar dislocation, destruction of the medial retinaculum extending up into the medial quadriceps tendon and VMO with avulsion of bone fragment of the medial patella. Attorney Oliver also wanted to illustrate the medical treatment his client endured as a result. 

Our Work on the Case

Exhibit 1

This Surgical Illustration shows the steps of a total knee replacement surgery. 

Exhibit 2

Surgical Illustration showing a left quadricep tendon repair. 

Exhibit 3

This Medical Illustration depicts a displaced left lateral femoral condylar fracture, along with osteoarthritis of the left knee.

Exhibit 4

Surgical Illustration depicting  open reduction internal fixation of the left knee lateral femoral condylar fracture. 

Exhibit 5

Medical Illustration showing  severe arthritic changes, diminished articular space in medial compartment, and a lateral retinacular release. 

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