Medical Illustration | C7 Injuries

Case Type:

Pedestrian Knockdown 

Area of Injury:

Cervical Spine (C7), Pelvis and Lungs

Overall Objective:

The law office of Finkelstein & Partners requested help demonstrating a client’s complex C7 vertebra fractures, along with a pelvic fracture and pulmonary embolism. 


Our Work on the Case

Exhibit 1

This is a blended board showing the diagnostic image, side view of the spine, and overhead view of a C7 superior facet fracture and transverse process fracture. 

Exhibit 2

This is another blended board showing the X-Ray, 3D CT Scan Reconstruction and Illustration of the commuted fracture of the left ischial tuberosity fracture of the pelvis. 

Exhibit 3

A final blended board showing CT images of a pulmonary embolism suggesting thrombus in each lung following the traumatic event. 

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