Jury Selection

Our highly trained litigation support staff is able to help you prepare, present and execute a voir dire strategy. This is our most intensive jury consultation offering. 

Full Jury Selection Consultation

We will work with you throughout the trial preparation process to help you test your case, practice voir dire, and Focus Groups to ensure you have the insight you need to identify, select, and secure the best possible jury for your case. 

The first step is testing your case in the community using focus groups. From there, we can start to identify issues, beliefs, and general feelings among the community members. We continue to tweak the narrative we present and refine messages the community will accept, while also identifying the sub-population from the community that we want to secure for our jury. 

Once we have obtained juror profiles, we then come up with strategies for how we will find and insulate the ideal juror quickly, as well as strategies to identify and remove the ones we do not want. 

On the day of selection, the trial consultant will be there in the courtroom to help craft additional questions on the spot, help insulate ideal jurors, and help you manage the dance with opposing counsel by tracking their intent through lines of questioning as well.

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