Jury Scouting

Arrange to have a trained trial consultant with you in the courtroom observing the verbal and non-verbal communication from the jurors while you conduct voir dire. The jury scout will work with you ahead of time and serve as an assistant helping you find the exact jury you are looking for. 

What We Do

Selecting the right jury is a vital aspect to the successful outcome of any trial. Our jury scouting practices help you pick up on verbal and non-verbal cues that will assist you in selecting a jury. 

During Voir Dire

Our highly trained attorney and non-attorney scouting specialists provide silent observations inside the courthouse during voir dire. While you are focused on conducting voir dire questioning, our team is silently at work on your behalf to discover things about potential jurors that you may have missed and providing you direct feedback on the observations made in real time.  

Why It's Important

While voir dire is being conducted, a trained TTS jury scout has their eyes and ears on the potential jury pool. We can help you identify and differentiate leaders from followers, note changes in facial expressions or mood changes, discover when a juror is receptive or non-receptive of certain information, and much more. These small but important observations often lead to proper strategy. After all, jury selection is the most critical aspect of putting on a trial. Many people say cases are won and lost before they even start, and jury selection is one of the reasons. 

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