Jury Vetting & Research

Our research and attention to detail have helped attorneys select the best panel for over 10 years

What We Do

Selecting the right jury is a vital aspect to the successful outcome of any trial. Our jury research practices expose the backgrounds, opinions, and potential biases of jurors prior to trial, so that you have the most information before selecting a panel. 

When We Do It

Total Trial Solutions - Jury Vetting - Voir Dire - Jury Selection

Prior to Voir Dire

If you have access to a list of the juror pool in advance, we can provide a database of Internet information for each name that you can review and bring with you during voir dire. Providing us with details of the case can help us perform the most accurate search. 

Total Trial Solutions - Jury Vetting - Voir Dire

During Voir Dire

If you do not have access to a list of jurors, bring a representative from your office with you that can provide us with names and information on jurors while voir dire is conducted. This search is done in real-time, and is cost-effective, as it does not include jurors that have been dismissed. 

Post Jury Selection

After the panel is selected, we can narrow the search to find information on their beliefs, values, and lifestyles that can be useful when drafting opening and closing statements, and questions for witnesses. We can also find out if the jurors are posting information about the case. 


We can help you select the best possible jury by providing real time, database and social media background checks on potential jurors. In addition to obtaining a comprehensive persons report from Lexis Nexis, our detail-oriented researchers look for jurors presence on social media to expose beliefs, values, lifestyles, and potential biases.  These checks provide you with the necessary information not obvious during voir dire, so you may make an informed decision about whether to accept or reject any particular juror.

How It Benefits You

Understand Your Panel

Obtain vital information on potential or selected jurors such as political ideology, education and work experience, religious beliefs, hobbies, licenses, criminal history, social media posts, quantity of social media presence, and any information that might be specific to the details of your case. 

Develop Trial Strategy

Exposing background information on your jury panel can help you draft content into different areas of your trial presentation to engage particular jurors. Know what will make your panel react, and maybe more importantly, what won’t.  

Total Trial Solutions - Jury Consulting - Jury Vetting - Jury Scouting - Jury Selection
Total Trial Solutions - Jury Vetting - Jury Research - Juror Misconduct

Uncover Juror Misconduct

Find out if any members of the jury are posting information about the case online, are being influenced by others, or are influencing others. 

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