Government Database Investigations

What Are Government Database Investigations?

Attorneys and insurance companies use government databases, such as ISO Claimsearch, to investigate prior claims made by individuals. 

The ISO Claimsearch database is owned by the Insurance Services Office (ISO), a U.S. organization that contains the largest collection of detailed records of insurance premiums collected and losses paid from participating insurers. 

Why Are They Important?

Government Database Investigations are important because they reveal things like prior insurance claims, which could uncover pre-existing injuries. 

What are Pre-existing Injuries?

Pre-existing injuries are injuries that accident victims already had before they got involved in the current accident. Most times, pre-existing injuries are aggravated when victims sustain injuries to the same part of the body. Aggravation can push back the victim’s recovery time and increase their pain and suffering. 

Although victims are not entitled to compensation for injuries and conditions that existed prior to an accident, they certainly deserve to be compensated when accidents aggravate their pre-existing condition


Conditions likely to be aggravated include:

The Eggshell Doctrine

When people sustain injuries from slips and falls, car accidents, or other accidents that aggravate their pre-existing injuries and conditions, their personal injury attorneys may cite the Eggshell Doctrine as they explain why they should be compensated. This principle states that defendants must take plaintiffs (accident victims) as they found them. Plaintiffs susceptible to injuries are entitled to compensation for the injuries they sustain.

In a scenario where there is an accident claim associated with pre-existing conditions or pre-existing injuries, defendants are liable for additional harm they cause the plaintiffs.

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