Total Trial Solutions prides itself on its ability to connect attorneys and claimants. We specialize in writing biographies on personal injury plaintiffs. Our goal is to reveal the complete set of damages to the lives of accident victims, and to provide you with the evidence you need to support claims of both tangible and intangible losses.

Our biographical process is conducted as follows:

• Total Trial Solutions employs professional writers and interviewers who will spend time getting to know your clients and the people closest to them.

• We will compare statements made by your clients and their character witnesses to legal and medical records pursuant to your case, in order to identify any gaps or inconsistencies between them.

• Our investigation process is designed to get to the heart of what matters to litigants: their careers, their activities, and their loved ones.

• We deliver a final package that includes a biography, interview transcripts, photos, videos, affidavits, and witness contact information.

A Total Trial Solutions biography package shows litigants that they are represented by professionals who intend to fight on their behalf, and empowers attorneys to do exactly that.