Total Trial Solutions equips you with the tools you need to build your case and present it confidently. We will help you tell your client’s story in a clear and compelling way so that their voice is heard loudly and clearly. Our team brings professionalism and experience to every project, solving complex problems through creative thinking.

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  • KendraBell
    Director of Operations
  • Michelle Sleight
    Focus Group Coordinator
  • Ryan Rocap
  • NowHiring
    Client Advocate
  • WillPrest
    Focus Group Moderator
  • Sarah Smith
  • MichaelKukys
    Visual Strategy Specialist
  • Now Hiring
    Focus Group Moderator
  • KaraKelly
    Record Retrieval Specialist
  • RyanKeller
    Focus Group Assistant
  • JohnKiselak, J.D.
    Focus Group Moderator
  • Now Hiring
  • MatthewMedina
    Client Advocate
  • MaribelAndino
    Lien Resolution Specialist
  • AllisonSimmons
    Research Specialist