Total Trial Solutions recognizes the growing role that litigation support plays in the modern courtroom. For that reason we are committed to developing innovative methods for collating elements such as photographs, video clips, and excerpts from vital documents into a polished trial presentation.
Our trial strategy services include:

• Performing discoveries and e-discoveries, cataloguing relevant records for your case, and helping you decide what key documentation needs to be targeted or emphasized

• Working directly with attorneys to determine the best planning strategies and the most appropriate software to use to organize evidence and present it at trial

• Managing fully customizable, digital trial databases and indices for every case, and testing them thoroughly to ensure all exhibits are readily available at trial

• Providing attorneys with in-court litigation assistant, to operate presentations and equipment at their precise direction

Total Trial Solutions visual strategists offer technical expertise, a second set of eyes, and an informed perspective at trial. More importantly, we stand by attorneys during the most heated moments of trial prep and execution.