Total Trial Solutions aims to tell the whole story of how your client’s injuries have altered his or her life. A settlement video is an essential tool for mediation that brings the humanity of your client to the forefront.

A Total Trial Solutions videographer will gather photographs and home video of your client from before the accident, take new photos and video of their current condition, and integrate these materials to highlight the changes in lifestyle caused by your client’s injury. Video may describe your client’s condition before and after a major surgery, or emphasize the struggles and triumphs of the convalescing period. The settlement video is a creative compilation that ensures that the obstacles to your client’s full recovery will be recorded for all time.

Other services offered include:

• Professional filming of D&Is and IMEs

• Video editing for presentations

• DVDs, including custom menus and labels

• Audio enhancement

• Video encoding and decoding, which allows video to be shown on any medium

• Professional scar, accident scene, and property damage photos