Total Trial Solutions provides visual demonstratives that condense complex information into formats that are easy for jurors to understand and evaluate. Our exhibits present the information you want to highlight in a way that is accessible and compelling. Exhibits are customizable for mediation as well.

Trial Support Services:
* Document Scanning
* Subpoenaed Records Follow Up
* In Court Technical Support

Exhibit Products include:

• Medical timelines: Total Trial Solutions will compile the details of your client’s medical records into a clear demonstrative. Timelines can emphasize a client’s good health before an accident, a long recovery time, or the emergence of related conditions. Timelines can be presented in a variety of formats, ranging from detail-rich to highly visual representations, according to your specific needs.

• Medical exhibits: Total Trial Solutions will customize an illustration of any injury or surgical procedure and print it at the perfect size to meet your needs. We also offer side-by-side comparatives of radiology images, as well as 3D models.

• Accident reconstructions: Total Trial Solutions investigators will collect pertinent information from the scene of an accident. We use this data to produce a highly detailed and precise animation of how an accident occurred.

• Trial presentations: Total Trial Solutions will help you highlight your evidence by integrating elements such as photographs, video clips, and excerpts from medical records, EBT transcripts, and other important documents into a polished trial presentation.

Total Trial Solutions’ courtroom exhibits offer a quick and concise way to present your most important evidence and add a professional polish to your presentation.