Total Trial Solutions’ team of experienced and professional investigators is available to do the legwork for your toughest cases. We travel to businesses, private homes, and accident scenes to fulfill your intake and process service needs.

• Our investigators conduct personal interviews with claimants. We are able to deliver their statements in the form of notarized affidavits at your request.

• We serve subpoenas and other court documents, and locating missing or unresponsive parties to your case.

• We travel to accident locations to speak with witnesses, take photographs and video of scenes and property damage, and verify the existence of public and private surveillance.

• We travel to legal offices and medical facilities to obtain copies of paper and electronic documents, including certified subpoenaed records.

• Our research staff makes proficient use of database and civil searches to deliver reports that isolate an expert witness’s testimonial track record, a defense driver’s DMV history, or past legal actions taken by parties to your case.

The statements, documents, and photographic evidence collected by TTS investigators will deepen your understanding of accident reports and provide you with the tools you need to advance the interests of your clients.