In an effort to ensure that your client receives a fair independent medical evaluation, Total Trial Solutions dispatches trained observers to accompany your clients to exams and draft reports based on their observations. Our IME observation reports are powerful tools for cross-examining defense experts.

Services include the following:

• A member of TTS will meet your client at the IME location and, in accordance with your specific instructions, answer questions he or she may have about the IME process.

• If your client is asked to complete an intake form, the TTS representative will obtain a copy of the completed form for your records.

• We will observe and take notes on all questions, answers, and procedures included in the evaluation.

• When permission can be obtained from the independent examiner, TTS will audio or video record your client’s exam, allowing you to review the evaluation at your leisure.

• A written documentation of every question, answer, and medical test conducted during your client’s exam will be delivered to you for comparison to the independent examiner’s report.

Clients appreciate the support TTS brings to exams because we show them they are not at the mercy of the examiner. Attorneys appreciate knowing exactly how much time the examiner spent with their client and what questions they did and did not ask.

Unfavorable independent medical reports can be devastating for your clients and prevent them from receiving the benefits they deserve. Don’t let your client be taken advantage of.