Attorneys spend months or years preparing their cases. But how do you know if jurors will react to your presentation the way you expect them to? Total Trial Solutions conducts focus groups that allow attorneys a rare opportunity to watch, listen, and learn as a jury-eligible audience, representing diverse sets of biases and attitudes, is presented with real case evidence and arguments and encouraged to deliberate.

What makes a Total Trial Solutions focus group so valuable is that it gives you the ability to customize each presentation to meet your needs. Are you thinking about settling a case because you fear it won’t produce favorable results during trial, or crafting your opening statement and second guessing your approach? Read your preliminary opening to mock jurors, then sit back and learn what’s important and what questions you may have left unanswered. Do you need assistance developing jury selection questions? Watch the room split with opposing opinions and learn how to identify the jurors you need.

Services include but are not limited to:

• Event coordination and hosting, including venue and food, setup, and presentation in accordance with your specifications
• Recruitment of paid mock jurors
• Operation of AV equipment and camera
• Delivery of video footage and written report upon completion of focus group

Knowledge is power, and a Total Trial Solutions focus group is knowledge. Knowing what trial strategies work could mean the difference between winning and losing your biggest cases.