Attorneys spend months or years preparing their cases. But how do you know if jurors will react to your presentation the way you expect them to? Total Trial Solutions conducts focus groups that allow attorneys a rare opportunity to watch, listen, and learn as a jury-eligible audience deliberate.

Total Trial Solutions prides itself on its ability to connect attorneys and claimants. We specialize in writing biographies on personal injury plaintiffs.

Total Trial Solutions recognizes the growing role that litigation support plays in the modern courtroom. We are committed to developing innovative methods for collating elements such as photographs, video clips, and excerpts from vital documents into a polished trial presentation.

Total Trial Solutions aims to tell the whole story of how your client’s injuries have altered his or her life. A settlement video is an essential tool for mediation that brings the humanity of your client to the forefront.

Total Trial Solutions dispatches trained observers to accompany your clients to exams and draft reports based on their observations. Our IME observation reports are powerful tools for cross-examining defense experts.

Total Trial Solutions provides both trial support and visual demonstratives that condense complex information into formats that are easy for jurors to understand and evaluate. Our exhibits present the information you want to highlight in a way that is accessible and compelling. Exhibits are customizable for mediation as well.

Total Trial Solutions’ team of experienced and professional investigators is available to do the legwork for your toughest cases. We travel to businesses, private homes, and accident scenes to fulfill your intake and process service needs.